pH7CMS: Behind the Name; pH 7

“pH7CMS” name (formerly known as pH7 Social Dating CMS) first started under the name of “CMS-Dating”, then “Dating-CMS” (to be more international). I was looking for a real name, but didn’t have one yet. I wanted to find something easy to remember and a bit personal… My first name is “Pierre-Henry” and most of my “French” friends call me “PH” which stands for my first name. One day, a good friend of mine called me “PH 7” since pH is used to specify the acidic aqueous solution, and “seven” is “pH neutral” (like the acidity of the water). She was right, “pH7” sounded a really cool name, and I directly updated my project name I was working for, to “pH7CMS”. That project is the actual project you know these days.

Hope this helps you to understand better the origin of the name 😉

Pierre-Henry, the founder 🙂