pH7CMS 1.4 Released [The Big-Step Version]

pH7CMS 1.4.0 Released

Hi everyone! Today I’m again very pleased to announce the new release of pH7CMS 1.4.0 (just a month after pH7CMS 1.3.9 release). Like most of the previous releases, pH7 Social Dating CMS 1.4 got new improvements, UX optimization on forms, bug fixes and removed some useless and not mobile-friendly things like the tiptool bubbles on…

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pH7CMS 1.3.9 Released!

Hi again guys! Today I’m again very happy to announce the next new and awesome release for pH7CMS. Just a few days after pH7CMS 1.3.8.   So pH7 Social Dating CMS, version 1.3.9 is “mainly” a maintenance version. It fixes a bunch of bugs mainly in the payment module and membership features since it has…

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pH7CMS 1.3.8 released!

Hi guys! I’m very happy to announce you today the new release for pH7 Social Dating CMS. After weeks of developments, this version (1.3.8) is finally out and will give you again a much better stability for your social dating business. More exactly, below is a summary of the change done: Better text color on…

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pH7CMS 1.3.7 Released!

pH7CMS Social Date, New York Template

Hi guys! Today I’m again very pleased to announce a great new pH7CMS version (plenty of nice improvements as usual 🙂 ). So, what’s up in pH7CMS 1.3.7? New top menu for frontend and backend and specifically optimized for mobile devices with nicer style (iPhone, iPad, Android) New menu icons for better and nicer menu…

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pH7CMS 1.3.6 Released

Social Google Map Profiles

Hi all! Today I’m again very happy to announce you a new release available for pH7CMS. As mentioned on my previous post concerning pH7CMS 1.3.5, we are now working on short sprint releases which makes the development of “pH7 Social Dating CMS” much easier, efficient and faster. Find below a brief summary of what has…

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pH7 Social Dating CMS 1.3.5 is Available!

Social Dating Site Builder

Hi all! Today I’m again pleased to announce the release of pH7CMS 1.3.5. As you may have noticed, since the end of December, we decided to go on “three-weeks” sprint release. This makes the development of pH7CMS and Tiers software much efficient and faster. So here is a brief summary of what has been done…

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