🦖 pH7 Social Dating Builder, 14.7 ➡️ NOW RELEASED! 🦕

pH7Builder, Social Dating Software

Hi all! 😊 How are you today? 🎉 Hooray 🚀 …So, today, I have again an amazing news for you! 🚀 Indeed, your favorite Community WebApp builder software, “pH7Builder 14.7” has just been released! This monster release got A LOT of improvements, code refactoring, cleanup, bug fixes, faster page loads (and tends to consume less…

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🥂 pH7Builder 12.9 Released! 🎆

pH7CMS, new social dating webapp

Hey You! 🙂 I hope you are doing great! 👌 pH7Builder (pH7CMS) 12.9.0 has just been released (the v12.6.0!) 🎉 YaaaY! This version is mainly a maintenance version containing a few improvements and minor code refactoring. A few improvements to the installer has also been realised. Finally (and that’s great news! 🎉), after 12.6 with…

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