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pH7CMS 1.3.6 Released

Hi all! Today I'm again very happy to announce you a new release available for pH7CMS. As mentioned on my previous post concerning pH7CMS 1.3.5, we are now working on short
pH7CMS Dating Software Script

pH7CMS 1.3.4 released!

Hi guys! Today I'm again very happy to announce the new release of pH7CMS dating site builder. pH7CMS 1.3.4 is the second version of the 1.3 branch and comes with several
pH7 Social Dating CMS - Signup page, date girl profile

pH7CMS 1.2.5 Released

Hurra!! We just released pH7 Social Dating CMS 1.2.5! This new release contained several minor bugfixes, browser and SSL issues, update of some third-party libraries (Colorbox, Mailcheck, Bootstrap, jQuery, ...). The

pH7CMS 1.2.3 Released!

pH7CMS 1.2.3 has just been released. This is a maintenance version with minor fixes and improvements. The version fixed some errors made by some change in the 1.2 branch. There

Going to release pH7CMS 1.1.8

Good news guys! ;) Before Christmas 🎄, I'm releasing the last version of the "1.1" branch. Indeed, in spring 2015, I'm inaugurate the first release of your favourite dating software, "branch 1.2"