Test pH7CMS 1.2 and tell us any bugs or suggestions

Get the chance to contribute to pH7CMS

We will soon release pH7CMS, Stable Version, so you have still time to ask any suggestions or bugs that you can still notice on pH7CMS.   AlsoΒ please remember that you can still win $600 if you report any real bugs or suggest new innovativeΒ (dating) features!   You can download right now pH7CMS 1.2 on SourceforgeΒ or…

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pH7CMS 1.2: Why Google is going to LOVE It ❀️

Google in love

As you may know, nowadays, having a website optimized for mobile phones and SmartPhones is very important because most and most people use them. That’s why Google prefers websites optimized for them and we understand that (as our goal is to provide a software highly optimized for SEO.   pH7CMS 1.2 propose now by default…

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pH7CMS has a new installer in its 1.2 version

pH7CMS New Installer

Happy to tell you that pH7CMS 1.2 has a new installer. Again more easier to use, more explanation, etc.   P.S. For a better translation, we have deiced to remove Russian, Hungarian and Swahili. However, you can send us your translation based to the latest version of the default language PHP files.

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pH7CMS 1.2 available next Monday in !BETA! Version

Very, very happy to say that pH7CMS 1.2 will be available in its BETA version (so still in development) next Monday!! This version doesn’t included any MySQL changes, so anyone will be able to update it by simply replacing PHP files. This version included a lot of changes. Please note: All modification will be removed…

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Hardworking for the next 1.2 branch – Overview of the Roadmap

pH7CMS 1.2 Roadmap

Hello, Today I wanted to share with you the new things we will change on pH7CMS 1.2. Here is the summary task which will be done (I took it from the Git roadmap): Change the menu bar, rewrite the design and do it responsive. Decrease the number of games. Keep only 3 per category. Currently,…

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