New Template in pH7CMS 6.0

Free Cartoon Social Theme

Hi guys! Today I have an excellent news for you! It’s now official! pH7CMS 6.0 will bring a brand new template. At this time, pH7CMS offers three professional and responsive templates by default. From pH7CMS 6.0, you will get one more for free πŸ™‚ The new theme will be “Social Cartoon Niche“. Ideal for young/teen…

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Working Hard on pH7CMS 5 – NEWS

Social Dating Engine Happiness

Hi again there, Just a quick update concerning the hard work we do for the pH7 Social Dating Engine‘s project. We are currently working very hard on pH7CMS 5.0 (should be released at the end of spring 2017) and pH7CMS 4.0.1 should be out very soon (in the next coming weeks). pH7CMS 4.0.1 will be…

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Working Harder – pH7CMS 2.1 is Almost in your Hands!

Working harder, Social Dating Software

Hi guys! Hope you are still doing well πŸ˜‰ Just a quick post today to announce that pH7 Social Dating CMS 2.1 is already scheduled for very soon! πŸ˜‰ So quite happy news with a few improvements, new slideshow images for the classic guest homepage, improvements of the REST API from the “api” modules (that…

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New menu tabs in profile page

New tab menu for profile page web app

Just another post to show you in details the new tab menu added in pH7CMS 1.4. This menu is much better than the previous one, it doesn’t use any images anymore and make 100% in CSS. The menu is used in the setting of admin panel and in the profile page so I might be…

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Two new templates for pH7CMS 1.3 + PHP 5.5

pH7CMS Social Networking Design

As you may know, pH7CMS 1.3 development is going well and today I’m pleased to show you the two new Social & Dating Templates that will be integrated in pH7CMS 1.3. Please be aware that the template assets are not finished.     New ZenDate Template   New Redesigned DateLove Template   pH7CMS 1.3 will…

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pH7CMS 1.2 available next Monday in !BETA! Version

Very, very happy to say that pH7CMS 1.2 will be available in its BETA version (so still in development) next Monday!! This version doesn’t included any MySQL changes, so anyone will be able to update it by simply replacing PHP files. This version included a lot of changes. Please note: All modification will be removed…

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pH7CMS 1.1.8 Released – Important Version!

Today I am pleased to announce that pH7CMS 1.1.8 is released. This version is again more and more stable. You can also see a brief summary about pH7CMS 1.1.8 The version also included an important security fix. This vulnerability is present in all previous versions of pH7CMS. For security reason, we won’t give more information…

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pH7CMS 1.15 released!

Hi everyone! Today, you will certainly be very happy (at work, with your colleagues, friends, family, …) and the day will seems totally wonderful. You’re probably wondering why (and people close to you will ask you very soon too!). In reality, it’s very simple! The reason is that the latest version of pH7CMS is released.…

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pH7CMs 1.15, the most stable version ever!

Hi all, Again, I have a really exiting news for you. pH7CMs 1.15 schedule for next Tuesday is the most stable version I have ever made. Of course, I am still working hard for improving my baby to the next versions, but the 1.15 version will make the deference by its stability and its few…

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pH7CMS 1.15 almost finished

Hey everyone, today I’m very happy because the development of our baby “pH7CMS” 1.15 is almost finished. This new version will include some new features and a lot of improvement and bug fixes. To have an idea, you can check on the older posts to know a little about the new features. Currently we’re doing…

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New version of the advertising plugin released!

We have improved a lot the advertising pluginΒ to provide a better usage. For example, now you have a better statistic of the clicks and view of the bannersΒ and you can easily choose/change the size of it. This new feature will be integrate in pH7CMS 1.15 (the next version!).

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