Hardworking for the next 1.2 branch – Overview of the Roadmap

pH7CMS 1.2 Roadmap

Hello, Today I wanted to share with you the new things we will change on pH7CMS 1.2. Here is the summary task which will be done (I took it from the Git roadmap): Change the menu bar, rewrite the design and do it responsive. Decrease the number of games. Keep only 3 per category. Currently,…

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pH7CMS 1.15 released!

Hi everyone! Today, you will certainly be very happy (at work, with your colleagues, friends, family, …) and the day will seems totally wonderful. You’re probably wondering why (and people close to you will ask you very soon too!). In reality, it’s very simple! The reason is that the latest version of pH7CMS is released.…

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pH7CMs 1.15, the most stable version ever!

Hi all, Again, I have a really exiting news for you. pH7CMs 1.15 schedule for next Tuesday is the most stable version I have ever made. Of course, I am still working hard for improving my baby to the next versions, but the 1.15 version will make the deference by its stability and its few…

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pH7CMS 1.15 almost finished

Hey everyone, today I’m very happy because the development of our baby “pH7CMS” 1.15 is almost finished. This new version will include some new features and a lot of improvement and bug fixes. To have an idea, you can check on the older posts to know a little about the new features. Currently we’re doing…

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pH7CMS will soon be able to graft any addons!

Graft any Addons

You already know that pH7CMS can have an unlimited number of module, but not yet accepted grafting addons (except with hacks). Well, soon we will add the ability to do that properly and allow completely change the behaviour of pH7CMS’s core by simply adding addons. You’ll see, it will be simply stunning!

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