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Where to enter the license key pH7CMS Pro

How to setup pH7CMS Pro License Key

You will see how to setup the premium features and remove all copyright notice and promo links on your website thanks pH7CMS Pro ( http://ph7cms.com/pro ). To do so, you first need to hold pH7CMS Pro.

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Win pH7CMS Social Dating CMS

[For Developers] How to get the One-Tine license for free (worth $1,200)

Before to read this post, please note if you are not a software engineer, please just ignore it and go to another post. This might be rude, but I just don’t want to spend your time for something you will it be able to do 😉 So today I wanted to explain you the way…

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Invalid License Key

License Issue

These days, for Premium installations of pH7CMS, you may have encountered some issue saying that your license key was invalided or some PHP warning in the header of your pages. We are again really sorry about that and we are really happy to announce that now the issue is solved for sure. If you currently…

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ph7CMS Issue

What Can I Do if My Site is LOCKED?

Some sites has still an issue caused by the DDOS attack. The issue was displayed the following message: You need to buy a valid pH7CMS License Key to use the features requiring a license key! In order to resolve the problem, please remove the following folder: /_protected/data/pH7_cache/str/

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All our Apologies

Hello everybody! Some of our customers who have a pH7CMS website under a monthly membership, has occurred a licensing issue this week. We really want again to apologies about that. Indeed our license verification server has been under a DDOS attack. We begin to solve the problem. Finally, note that version 1.8 is the last version to…

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