How to install pH7CMS from cPanel with Softaculous

Install pH7CMS from cPanel with Softaculous

Today, the hosting company PlotHost posted a very good video showing how to install pH7CMS from cPanel with Softaculous. Finally, if you are still looking for the perfect web hosting company compatible with pH7CMS, have a look to our recommended hosting list?

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How to Install pH7CMS 1.3

Hi again guys! 😉 Today, I just wanted to share with you a short video showing you how to install pH7 Social Dating CMS 1.3.* branch (the latest branch) easily thanks its step-by-step installer.

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How to Install pH7CMS through Softaculous in cPanel

pH7CMS on Softaculous

In this Quick but effective Tutorial Video, you will see how to install pH7CMS (basic version) through Softaculous in cPanel (installed in almost all popular Web hosting companies). However, if you want to upgrade your site to pH7CMS Pro, and make it a real business and get the possibility to monetize it, get all premium…

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pH7CMS has a new installer in its 1.2 version

pH7CMS New Installer

Happy to tell you that pH7CMS 1.2 has a new installer. Again more easier to use, more explanation, etc.   P.S. For a better translation, we have deiced to remove Russian, Hungarian and Swahili. However, you can send us your translation based to the latest version of the default language PHP files.

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