🚀 pH7Builder 12.6 Released! 😊

social dating CMS, new version release

Hi folks! 🙂 Hope you are still doing great! Today, I’ve an amazing news for you! 🙂 Indeed, pH7Builder (pH7CMS) got a new version (the v12.6.0!) 🎉 Overview of the Changelog: Several icons (gender icons, pending approval icon, none icon, RSS feed, and lot more!) have been replaced by new nicer ones. Each theme (template)…

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pH7CMS: The Monster is ready!!

pH7CMS 1.2 VIdeo Background

After months of hard work, pH7CMS 1.2 stable version is finally ready! (the release date is for this Thursday) In order to avoid confusion with the 1.2 beta which was already a good and stable version and has been released for now over three months, I deceived to release this under the version ‘1.2.1’ and…

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Screenshot of the Admin Panel of the Affiliate Module

Affiliate Admin Panel

Today, I’m really eager to show you the first screenshot of the admin panel (in the affiliates management section of the affiliate module that is integrated in pH7CMS) under the new design. We want to do something simple and modern Attention, it is the final template and it is still not OK, but so you can…

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