pH7Builder 15.1 Released 🚀

New Version Released

pH7 Social Dating Builder, v15.1, NOW Available!!! 😻 Hey YOU! 👋 How are you today…? 😊 This new version includes several improvements, a few bug fixes and a XSS security patch 🔥 You can see the complete full changelog from pH7Builder v15.0.0 to v15.1.0 here ➡️ 15.0.0…15.1.0 👈 Hope you will LOVE this brand new…

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How to Build a Dating Website with $0,00?

Yes indeed…, me too I thought that we needed $85,000 to build an online dating business, till the day I decided to open source and distribute for free the best social dating website builder I’ve been building for the last eight years. You don’t dream. This is REAL! 💥 You can build a dating website…

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Anyone CAN Launch a Dating Web App! 🚀

No need to be a developer or a genius to launch your own social dating website like Badoo, webapp or apps like Tinder. With pH7Builder (formerly pH7CMS), all you need is to subscribe to a web hosting company and install “pH7Builder straight away. With “pH7 Social Dating Builder Solution”, everything belongs to you. You own…

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🥇 pH7Builder 14.9 RELEASED!!! Hurrah 🎉

Social Dating Web app builder software

Hi You! 👋 Hope you are doing great today! ☀️ Anyway, I have an amazing news for you! 😊 pH7 Social Dating Builder 14.9.0 has just been released!!! 😻 This new version fixes a few bugs, code improvements and improves the readability of the code (again and again to make it always better), and fixes…

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😍 How to Build a Dating Mobile App like Tinder? 📱

Hi there, 👋 So, today you have a great ideal and you want to build an amazing dating app similar to Tinder, but made with your own UNIQUE DNA, which will make your app MAGIC and will make people crazy and so addicted about it! Or even, you can build a professional (~serious~) networking app…

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🏆 pH7Builder 14.8.8 is here!!! Yaaay!!! 🎸

pH7Builder; New Social Dating Release

Hi You! 👋 I hope you are doing great today! ☀️ Anyway, today I have a wonderful news to bring to you!!! 🎉 pH7 Social Dating Builder 14.8.8 has just been released!!! 🚀 This new version gives improvements, and few minor (CSS) fixes. The slideshow on the “classic” guest homepage has been fixed (there were…

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Build an Online Social Dating Service

Today, anyone has the chance and opportunity to build an online social dating web app without any budgets and in just a few hours thanks “pH7 Social Dating CMS” => pH7CMS Take this great opportunity to build something awesome! ?? I wish all the success you deserve 🙂 Take care, Pierre

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