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ph7 Dating CMS: full long story

Some folks always ask me if pH7CMS is OK and good for starting a dating startup, web dating apps or dating niche websites.

They also ask me the difference with other few competitors.

I will really do my best today for giving you the most appropriate answers you are inspecting πŸ˜‰

Does pH7CMS is good for starting my dating startup..?

Well, pH7CMS has been built for now over 7 years. I first started pH7CMS while I was still studying my computer science degree. It was just for my personal usage. I wanted to create a dating website for my town (and a honeypot to get the phone number of a girl I wanted to date. (Crazy true story πŸ˜€ I hope she won’t read this post πŸ™‚ ). In total I did two different niche websites with the first version. At that time the script was only PHP procedural and almost nothing was OOP πŸ˜€ And was using only Smarty for the frontend code (wasn’t MVC pattern).

After one year, seeing on different forums that people actually wanted creating dating sites but didn’t have the money or the knowledge I decided to give what I did for free (yes for free πŸ™‚ Mainly for increasing my career portfolio and getting more popularity of the Web). The first public release name was CMS-Dating. Seeing a lot of people download and noticed the only dating builders available were terrible and very, very expensive at that time (mine was totally free) and the only one free, “osDate” wasn’t updated for a while and plenty of security flaws).

So I decided to update it with a lot of improvements and spend my whole summer doing that (no holidays, … although I like programming πŸ˜‰ ). After several intensive months coding the core of the CMS (now under the name of “pH7Framework”) and making a new social/dating theme and several new modules, I finally released it under “pH7SocialDatingCMS 0.8.5”. This was the first version of the CMS’s architecture you know now.

Github wasn’t so popular at that time so I was hosting my code on EdgewallTrac (for those who know…).

Finally after lot of work and spent a huge amount of time, I released the version 1.0. After the version 1.1.0 I offered some premium paid features and the possibility to pay for removing the back links linked to (now called

I had a first buyer and only that, boost my motivation for making the software more stable and much better (I finally noticed people are believing in my work and ready to pay for it πŸ™‚ ).

Since that time I really try to make pH7CMS the best tool for creating any dating startups, web apps, etc. And I personally believe (like several others) that pH7CMS is the only best tool for creating professional online dating services. I’m also very proud to give pH7CMS 100% open source and to distribute a basic (but fully functional) free version. And users can switch at any time to the pro version without reinstalling the CMS or losing the data. This is based on the Lean Startup principle. pH7CMS allows you to test your dating/social market and if people like it and you get a lot of users, then you can switch to the pro version. If it’s not the case you can open another niche dating service without loosing money if you don’t have the success inspected.

I really do my best for giving you the perfect tool to give you the success you deserve and really hope it helps you a lot. I don’t just sell a dating software and that’s it. No! I really take care and do my best to see what is wrong and how I can improve it to make you better and more successful.

What’s the difference with pH7CMS and the other competitors?

I used and bought all other competitor software (there are not so many to be honest) in order to understand the difference and to know how they work (support, service, limit of the software, etc).

I have to say I was honestly terrible disappointed. They weren’t definitely not for helping the clients. They behavior was really like big companies. I can’t believe why they do the same way. Big companies are obviously not the reference. You will never be like them in such a niche and you should take the opportunity for giving the best to your clients. Value is more important than money in long terms. At pH7CMS we don’t want to sell a script and say fuck off to the client or you have to pay if you want open source code, update, help.

We really want to give all the time we have for updating the software as much as possible and giving you the most updated and powerful dating builder for giving you all chances on the very hard dating market. Now obviously some people may not like us or don’t understand how it works. We do our best for giving the most information and details but (unfortunately) we are not perfect. And fortunately we aren’t! (otherwise I wouldn’t work on pH7CMS anymore). It gives us the opportunity to continue working on the software and understanding better the problems of some clients we haven’t seen yet.

I personally really like what I’m doing (so that’s why sometimes I’m depress when I see bad reviews about pH7CMS), but I try to understand in the same way what the person didn’t like it.

Hope you will now understand better the reason of pH7CMS and how we work for you πŸ˜‰ ❀️

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