pH7CMS Pro Features

  • Fake Profile Generator Get directly a site that looks busy and full of users. You will be able to generate as much as profiles you want with profile images (under free copyright license).
  • CSV User Importer Make your life easier and without loosing previous and worth user data. You will be able to import user data from CSV to your dating site.
  • Payment Gateway Integrations Get payments from your users easily and faster and by keeping all user's bank details secure thanks the gateways you'll get (Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, Bitcoin, 2Checkout and soon CCBill).
  • Memberships/Groups Manage your users and all permissions/restrictions exactly as you WANT for each modules and actions your users can do with what membership (e.g., free for 2 days, then need to pay $10 for 1 week, then need to upgrade to $30/mo Gold membership, etc.)
  • Banner Ad Monetization Get the best click-through-rate banners on your whole website. And get the stats for each ad (clicks/views).
  • Native Mobile Apps pH7CMS Pro has been especially optimized for iPhone/Android webview native mobile apps.
  • Updated Business Get your business up-to-date will always keep you on the first line with the other competitors. A software engineer will update and maintain your website/apps on each new version released.
  • 100% While Label YOU made your website/app. WE are your remotely developer team. Get rid of all links and other copyright notice.
  • All Professional Support Always Behind You Within 24h.
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