Hey guys! Hope you are still doing well and still enjoy well your pH7 Social Dating CMS 1.*!
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Normally, this version would be the “1.4.4”, but after long reflection and the huge major changes that pH7CMS got in its 36 previous versions already released. It makes more sense to be on the 2.* branch by now.

That’s why, this version is 2.0.4 (instead of 1.4.4). And its version name is now “H2O” (successor of “p[H]”).

So, pH7CMS 2.0.4 (the 37th version) got lot of improvements, is by far highly stable and secure.

Some of the nice features added to pH7CMS 2!

  • The Splash Guest Page “base” template has been redesigned and has now several random background videos.
  • New API version added for the Fake Profile Generator exclusively available in pH7CMS Pro Package.
  • Possibility to add the Google Maps API easily through the admin panel (required by Google since June 22nd, 2016).
  • Improvements of the design.
  • Better order of the fields in the installer.
  • Fix a few issues on modals when opened on small mobile devices (such as Report, Newsletter, Invite, Registration modals).
  • A Smart “Nudity Detector” has been added so the moderation of the pictures added by your users will be much easier if you don’t allow adult images (and you are able to filter them through your moderation system).It will also increase the security and credibility of your business, like the Two-Factor Authentication already added to pH7CMS.
  • Bugfixed on some domain ports when forms were submitting.
  • “imprint” page has been updated to “legal-notice” (and URLs as well).
  • All assets have been compressed to make your dating website and social web apps more optimized and faster.
  • Lot of minor improvements, messages, string, code comments, etc.
  • Banned users are not visible anymore in public search results and homepage users block.
  • On iOS, by default the first letter is capitalized. To avoid wrong login for the users who don’t write correctly the email in lowercase, the email field for the users & affiliates login form is now case-insensitive.
  • [For Programmers] Some code refactoring & cleanups have been done.
  • And other really nice surprises 😉

See you in the following days to say “HELLO” to pH7CMS 2.0

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And thanks for your understanding 😉

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