Hi all!

pH7CMS Pro closes its doors to new customers very soon (by the end of May).

FYI, without pH7CMS Pro, you are’t entitled to any pH7CMS Pro’s features and you won’t be able to add affiliate campaigns, ads, monetize your websites, use payment gateways (such as PayPal, Stripe, …), upgrade your site to newer versions, etc.

At this time, we don’t want new customers and prefer to focus on updates, building a new pH7CMS Framework, working on new modules. More customers we have, more time we have to spend on the support and this stops the development of pH7CMS.
We also want to limit the number of websites using pH7CMS. The tool is quite awesome for a very cheap price and we still want to keep it exclusive and don’t want to see thousands of websites using it.

We don’t get any profits building pH7CMS. Just love doing what we do and offering the best social dating builder to people and entrepreneurs. All our customers will get the further updates (but we don’t want to get new ones for the mentioned reasons).

pH7CMS Pro won’t be available anymore by the end of this month. We have no idea when the doors will be reopened but it won’t be soon.

You can still get pH7CMS Pro NOW by clicking here.

Thanks for your understanding 😉

Stay tuned and be with us!

P.S. Download pH7 Social Dating CMS, Here 😉