Hi guys!

Today I’m so glad to announce the release of pH7CMS 6.0, WoW.

What’s in pH7CMS 6? – Changelog:

  • The headline on the payment module wasn’t aligned.
  • You can now hide the users from the guest homepage (on the splash dating homepage and the classic homepage).
  • You now have the possibility to set the “Sign-in Profile Image” field “mandatory”.
  • A new “Social Cartoon” template has been added! You will be able to enable it from your Admin Panel -> Settings -> Default Theme -> “Cartoon”
  • When a dark custom wallpaper was set on profile pages, the texts were difficult to read. Now fixed.
  • A new module that give Similar Profiles on profile pages has been added.
  • “Friend” feature is now separated into its own module. It now allows to disable the friend feature on profile pages (better for dating services).
  • Holding Images for Profiles have been changed to some newer and much “modern”/”fashion” ones than before.
  • Google Favicon Retriever now uses HTTPS so you won’t have any errors if your website uses HTTPS protocol.
  • The Adult Disclaimer and the EU Cookie Consent Bar can now work with HTTPS
  • Other minor bug fixes have been fixed.
  • pH7CMS 6.0 now requires PHP >= 5.6. Please make sure your web host has PHP 5.6 or newer.
  • Pagination constants have been added everywhere in the code to change easily the number of items per page.
  • A LOT of improvements in the code, fix a bunch of legacy code, etc. These changes will make developers’ life easier.
  • Tidied up HTML files’ indentation for nicer and cleaner code (for “note”, “blog”, “video” and “picture” modules).
  • A few typos have been fixed.
  • For people who don’t have pH7CMS Pro, “Powered By” link in emails has been fixed and now visible.
  • Better user input validation for “note” module (to avoid SEO spam from your users).
  • With some web browsers, if a user ticked “Remember Me” checkbox, it wasn’t possible to logout from the site. Now fixed.
  • The IP Geolocation database has been updated.
  • Registration and Profile Image forms were showing ugly valid/invalid icons in its fields. Now fixed.
  • Fixed a few warnings triggered from PHP 7.1+ (A non well formed numeric value encountered).
  • More PHP unit tests have been added to make pH7CMS even more stable and avoid future bugs.

I really hope you will enjoy this new version!

P.S. Don’t forget to help “pH7CMS, Social Dating Open Source Project“, by contributing on Github ๐Ÿ˜‰

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