pH7CMS 4.0 Released!

Hi folks!

Hope you are doing well today! ?

In my case I got a really good news to announce you 🙂 (that’s the reason of this post ?).

Yaaay! pH7CMS 4.0 has just been released (and available in your client area if you hold pH7CMS Pro).

As you might noticed, since last year we are now working on two/three weeks sprint and for now one month, pH7CMS is now using a new versioning system which make the development much more efficient.

So… What’s the news in pH7CMS 4.0?

  • Blue sub-menu of the profile page has been improved and is now nicer on mobile phones and tablets
  • [Easier Registration] “State/Province” field has been removed from the registration page since it wasn’t necessary and too annoying for new users
  • Remove “team”, “maintenance” and “help” static pages from the page module
  • Possibility to disable “mail” and “instant messaging” modules through the admin panel
  • Better explanation during the installation saying where is the admin panel URL
  • Better interaction with the installation wizard
  • Love-Calculator module has been slightly re-designed
  • Quick Search experience has been improved and now the default filters will be the previous ones searched
  • Search results weren’t working when text filters were empty and containing blank spaces
  • Bug fixed with some user profile searchable fields
  • Unnecessary code has been removed from FrontController class (should be a little faster..)
  • Other several minor improvements have been done

Again, I hope you appreciate our hard-work and if so please share this unique open source project with your friends, colleagues and online.

We really do our best to bring you the best social dating builder software ❤️???

Have a lovely day!

All the best,

P.S. Download pH7 Social Dating CMS, Here 😉