pH7 Social Dating Builder, v12.0 Released! 😺

pH7 Social Builder dating CMS new version

Hi ALL! 🙂

Really happy today saying that pH7Builder (or “pH7CMS” if you prefer 😉 ) has been released!

It got a few improvements, AND a new module for “dating niche” (if chosen during the installation) or selectable through the admin panel later (Admin Panel -> Mod -> Enable/Disable Modules)
The module (called “Cool Profile Page”) will make user profiles more “modern” and “dating-style” 🙂

In short, ideal for dating niches!

Brief Changelog:

  • Added a new (dating) “User Profile Page” option.
  • Refactoring; LOT, LOT, LOT of improvements in the code + better coding style.
  • Display month in a textual format (such a Jan, Feb, Mar, etc.) on user “membership details” page (to avoid confusion with the date).
  • Design improvements.
  • Minor changes in “Installation Welcome Email” body.
  • PSR-2 fixes.
  • Show how long a membership plan lasts (membership duration).
  • Changed “Report” link text to a “Flag” icon.
  • Added “Complexity” and “Case Sensitive” options for the CAPTCHAs.
  • Redesigned user status icons (the “online”, “away”, “busy” and “offline” circles).
  • Added lovely colour for “Flag” report icon and “Like” link.
  • Renamed table names to lowercase only, and with “_” for separating words (to avoid issues if “lower_case_table_names” if enabled).
  • Stored table names in class constants.

Hope you will still LOVE your social dating website builder!

And good luck with your online dating web app! 🙂

Dating Profile Page

Brand new Dating Profile page.

Display how long a membership plan lasts (in number of days)

Display how long a membership plan lasts (in number of days).

Added Complexity and Case Sensitive options for Captcha

Added “Complexity” and “Case Sensitive” options for the CAPTCHAs

See you! 😉

P.S. Download pH7 Social Dating CMS, Here 😉