pH7CMS 1.4 Released [The Big-Step Version]

pH7CMS 1.4.0 Released

Hi everyone!

Today I’m again very pleased to announce the new release of pH7CMS 1.4.0 (just a month after pH7CMS 1.3.9 release).

Like most of the previous releases, pH7 Social Dating CMS 1.4 got new improvements, UX optimization on forms, bug fixes and removed some useless and not mobile-friendly things like the tiptool bubbles on some main forms (join, contact, search, … forms).

Below are some main key-changes that have been done form the backlog

  • Fixed some CSS issues on the homepage (login form, etc) when the screen resolution is too large.
  • Remove mailcheck.js for the splash login form on the homepage as it was causing some displaying issues and also because this page should be as simple as possible and clear (all other forms still included this amazing jQuery plugin).
  • Remove tiptool bubbles on some main forms as it wasn’t mobile-friendly and the info there wasn’t so important.
  • UX optimization and improvements on some HTML pages (such as “payment membership list” page).
  • Add the user IM (Instant Messaging) to the payment membership access (like already done for all other modules/actions). This option is available only if you hold a valid pH7CMS Pro license.
  • If an video background image is set on splash homepage, an image will be displayed on non-compatible HTNL5 auto-loaded (such as iPhone/mobile phones), instead of nothing like it used to be.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) added for Admins/Users/Affiliates to increase again more and more your website!
  • New CSS tab menu for the profile page and admin setting menus
  • Update “global.pot” I18N language file for translating pH7CMS to any languages.
  • pH7-Internationalization has been updated and a new GitHub repo pH7CMS, Test Gettext Lang has been added to help people to get Gettext working or their servers.
  • Again, several bugs found and fixed.
Chat IM, Included in Membership Option

IM can now be a paid option for your users, in your Dating Web App

If you are already running under 1.3.9 (my favorite version 😉 ) it is not necessary to upgrade to this new one because it doesn’t have any critical or security patches and you won’t really see any differences on your site.

pH7CMS 1.4.0 Released

See you soon guys! 🙂

pH7 Social Dating CMS 1.4

Take care

P.S. Download pH7 Social Dating CMS, Here 😉