pH7CMS 1.3.9 Released!

Hi again guys!

Today I’m again very happy to announce the next new and awesome release for pH7CMS. Just a few days after pH7CMS 1.3.8.


So pH7 Social Dating CMS, version 1.3.9 is “mainly” a maintenance version. It fixes a bunch of bugs mainly in the payment module and membership features since it has changed recently. It fixes also two bugs with the number of albums and the deletion of albums in the moderation section, etc.


This new version has also some cleanups in the code and adds some new improvements such as a better moderation panel for notes, redirect to the homepage (instead of the simple user index page) when users logged to the site and hide the logged user in the search results and profile blocks.


See you soon for other very exciting and secret news! 😉

P.S. Download pH7 Social Dating CMS, Here 😉