Very, very happy to say that pH7CMS 1.2 will be available in its BETA version (so still in development) next Monday!!

This version doesn’t included any MySQL changes, so anyone will be able to update it by simply replacing PHP files.

This version included a lot of changes.

Please note:

  • All modification will be removed by replacing PHP files, so please make sure to backup your site before
  • If you do not ave any users on your current website, it can be advisable and faster to make a fresh installation instead replacing PHP files
  •  BETA version means that it is not stable, must bugs will be “display bugs”, please report any bugs
  • It is still a beta version (so not STABLE, STABLE) but you will be able to update this BETA version to the next 1.2.0 Stable version.
  • After some complains about the “public” directory and its difficulty to understand for beginners  (public directory was in fact the public root of your server, usually called “public_html”) we have deiced to remove it and so all public files are now in the root directory on the ZIP file. Please note that before updating your website!

P.S. Download pH7 Social Dating CMS, Here 😉