pH7Builder v16, RC1 Released!

New Version Released

Yaaay!!! 😍 pH7Builder v16, Release Candidate 1 has just been released.

⬇️ Below are some notable changes made since the v16, BETA 2 🔥

✅ Update table validation for login records.
✅ Fixed wrong DB name was specified in `addSessionLog()`.
✅ Fixed XSS vulnerability caused by a recent change 🚑
✅ Third-party dependencies updated 📦
✅ Removed `maximum-scale=1` from viewport meta tags, for better user experience.
✅ Code-Understanding: Replace magic number with clear constant name 💯

🏆 As always, feel free to test it and leave your feedback and bug reports by opening a GitHub issue ticket.

🎉 Enjoy your social dating web app builder software! 🚀

P.S. Download pH7 Social Dating CMS, Here 😉