😻 pH7Builder v15.4.0 Released! (stable version)

New Version Released

YES! pH7 Social Dating Builder 15.4 is now available!!! 😻

So far, here is an overview of what v15.4 brings to your social dating web app ⭐️

✅ Make it easier to custom your website look directly through the admin panel (Admin -> Setting -> General -> Design (colors)).
✅ Plural sentences in other languages weren’t translated because of a bug with t() gettext function.
✅ Hid users’ passwords on a failed attempt.
✅ UTF8 conversion was causing issues with the newer GeoIP databases.
✅ PWA module enhancement.
✅ Improved several error/success messages.
✅ Added Apple icons.
✅ Remove the unneeded “partner” page from the “page” module.
✅ The main top navbar can now be inverted (from White & Blue to Sober Dark) through the admin General setting.
✅ Better design/UI.
✅ Show only “Add a new album” button for their profile owners.
✅ Bootstrap framework has been updated from 3.3.5 to v3.4.1v3.4.1.
✅ Third-party libraries have been all updated to their latest versions 🚀 Thanks to all contributors.
✅ The maintenance page was giving an internal error. Now fixed.
✅ Other bug fixes! 🐜
✅ And much more! 🔥

For more details, have a look to the full changelog => https://github.com/pH7Software/pH7-Social-Dating-CMS/compare/15.3.0…15.4.0.

I hope you enjoy this brand new version (made with lots of love!!!! ❤️).

Note: This version has been packaged thanks to pH7CMS Packaging tool. You might see fewer sub-folders in this zip archive, but everything should work as expected. In case it doesn’t, please open a GitHub issue 😊

All the best with your dating website! 🍀

Take care! 😍

Pierre-Henry 😼

P.S. Download pH7 Social Dating CMS, Here 😉