16 Exclusive Niche Ideas for your 2020 Next Online Dating Web App 🚀

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After my previous post where I said Why you MUST start a Niche, today I wrote for you 10 great niche ideas that might help you to start well your social dating website (I already gave you in the past a few great dating niches where you can start).

No one is the same, we are all different and it would be wrong to start a generic social/dating service.

Of course, you should’t take a niche randomly, but you also need to like and fit with that niche.

Eleven Exclusive Niche Ideas

  1. Dating Service for Farmers 🐓
  2. Dating Service for Organic Food Lovers 🌾
  3. Online Dating Service for Vegetarian or Vegan Singles 🍍
  4. Dating Service for Egg/Breakfast Lovers 🍳
  5. Dating Service for Coffee (or Tea) Lovers ☕️
  6. Dating Service for Beer Lovers 🍻
  7. Dating Service for Kickboxing Lovers 🥊
  8. Dating Service for Women’s Boxing 🥊
  9. Dating Web App for Digital Nomads ✈️
  10. Dating Service for Programmers/DevOps/Geeks 👾 (see “Why Why You Should Date A Programmer 🤓” article)
  11. Dating Web App for French Fries Lovers 🍟
  12. Dating Service for Reptiles Lovers 🐍
  13. Online Dating Site for people who want/plan to live on Mars 🚀
  14. Dating Website for Angel Believers 👼
  15. Dating Webapp for Parents (there are many singles with kids) 👨‍👦👩‍👦
  16. Dating Web App for Bartenders (15 Reasons to Date a Bartender) 🍷

I really hope it will help you and don’t hesitate to share with us on Facebook/Twitter your dating niche you are in.

P.S. This is an updated version for the 2019 dating industry with 16 best niches for your online dating service 💪

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