Hi all!

I’m very happy today to announce the release of pH7CMS 1.3! Only three weeks after pH7CMS 1.2.9 🙂

This new builder included many bugfixes, many improvements and  code refactoring (in order to keep the code better and always clean). New features have been added like the new “Social” template and the redesign of the “Dating” template that has been done one week ago and the possibility to choose a ready niche during the installation implemented this week.

pH7CMS Social Date New York Central Park

New splash background videos have been added and updated instead of the old one. Please also note if you hold pH7CMS Pro, we can provide a specific professional background video that will suit with your current social/dating niche. Also, if you hold pH7CMSPro you will be able to upgrade your current version to this one and get the next updates.


pH7CMS 1.3 offers the possibility to change the environment mode to Development directly in your Admin Panel (this is very useful when you get “Internal Server Error” message).

Environment Mode in admin panel


Finally, pH7CMS 1.3 fully uses PHP 5.5 features. If you are still on a Web hosting supporting only PHP 5.4 as the highest version, please keep or use pH7CMS 1.2.9 instead.

Hope you will enjoy this new version!


P.S. pH7CMS 1.3.0 is also a really special one because it is almost completely synchronized with its Gettext lang files (so easier for you to translate). The disadvantage of that those files are really big and makes the zip file much bigger than usual.

pH7CMS Social Dating New York Theme

P.S. Download pH7 Social Dating CMS, Here 😉