Hi there 👋

Happy to see you here! 😊

So…, my name is Pierre-Henry, a SUPER passionate software engineer, who wanted to open source the best social dating CMS for anyone with the best features. A kind of WordPress, not for blogs, but for “social dating” websites.

Pierre-Henry Soria. Software Engineer

The most powerful software, secure, customizable, which would empower the Internet with great secure and niche dating communities.

That was exactly what was my mission 9 years ago, and still is! More than never!
You can read more about the history of pH7CMS here.

This project requires a lot of determination, passion and …

I love this project and my mission is to ship the best social dating builder website. My determination is strong than never!

If you want to help me and be part of this WONDERFUL boat together 🤗, here are the steps! 🎯

  1. The Simplest Way: Buy Me a Cappuccino ☕️.
  2. For developers: feel free to fork the software on GitHub and keep improving, and have a look to the Issue labeled “suggestion”, “feature”.
  3. The (old-fashioned) & simplest method: Contribute financially with a donation.