Do you have native Android/iOS mobile apps?

– Short answer, “No”.
– Long answer, “Kind of..”.

We do not offer a native mobile app for the following obvious reasons:

  • pH7CMS already has fully responsive and iOS/Android optimized designs.
  • Marketplace subscriptions are hidden costs ($25 for GooglePlay and $99/year for Apple store).
  • It is really complex for non-developers (and real hassle for developers) to publish the native apps to the store (and we won’t be able to offer such a service for time-consuming reasons).
  • To be approved to Apple store, your app has to be unique, so you will have to create and replace the images and icons of the app through Xcode (and do the same each time a new update is released).
  • Each time a new update is released, you need again to re-publish everything to your stores and again wait for the store approval.
  • You need to buy an expensive Mac to publish the iOS app.
  • In the future, native apps will be replaced by Progressive Web Apps (when the user experience and performance will be the same), like how HTML5 killed Flash.
  • In short, “offering ready-mobile apps to non-developers sucks!

However, if you really want to be present as a native app, I might have a solution for you!

Since pH7CMS’s designs are highly optimized for mobile devices, you can buy a cheap webview native app (with push notifications) on Codecanyon.
– For Android, I highly recommend Universal Android WebView App.
– For Android, I recommend WebView Swift App.

P.S. Download pH7 Social Dating CMS, Here 😉