How to remove “Powered by pH7CMS”?

You will need to get pH7CMS Pro, Monthly, pH7CMS Pro, Yearly and pH7CMS Pro, One-Time to get rid of all “Powered By” and other promo links on your websites/emails, etc.

Does the price include your brand removal, so I could put my own brand?

Yes, absolutely! The Monthly Price and One-Time Price package includes everything. There aren’t any upsells. That means there are no other hidden fees like for example to remove the “Powered By” links, etc.
Once you purchased it, you will get the pro software and a license key that will unlock and remove all Links and Copyright Notice on your website and give you the possibility to monitize your website and give you access to a bunch of pro modules (such as Banner, Payment gateways, Memberships, Fake Profile Generator, CSV DB importer, free lifetime updates, …).

Do you offer a one-time price rather than monthly payments?

Sure! pH7CMS Pro, One-Time payment can be purchased here.

What are the requirements for a server to make it working properly?

All requirements can be found here:

Where are the installation documentation?

pH7CMS Installation

If your web host offers Softaculous, you will be able to install pH7CMS ( in just one-click.

Is the source code encrypted?

No! pH7CMS is 100% unencrypted (absolutely nothing is encrypted!) so you can (or your developer(s) make absolutely any changes you need. Additionally, the source code is heavily commented on what’s happening throughout the PHP code and nicely readable, even for non-programmers

Do you have native Android/iOS mobile apps?

– Short answer, “No”.
– Long answer, “Kind of..”.

We do not offer a native mobile app for the following obvious reasons:

  • pH7CMS already has fully responsive and iOS/Android optimized designs.
  • Marketplace subscriptions are hidden costs ($25 for GooglePlay and $99/year for Apple store).
  • It is really complex for non-developers (and real hassle for developers) to publish the native apps to the store (and we won’t be able to offer such a service for time-consuming reasons).
  • To be approved to Apple store, your app has to be unique, so you will have to create and replace the images and icons of the app through Xcode (and do the same each time a new update is released).
  • Each time a new update is released, you need again to re-publish everything to your stores and again wait for the store approval.
  • You need to buy an expensive Mac to publish the iOS app.
  • In the future, native apps will be replaced by Progressive Web Apps (when the user experience and performance will be the same), like how HTML5 killed Flash.
  • In short, “offering ready-mobile apps to non-developers sucks!

However, if you really want to be present as a native app, I might have a solution for you!

Since pH7CMS’s designs are highly optimized for mobile devices, you can buy a cheap webview native app (with push notifications) on Codecanyon.
– For Android, I highly recommend Universal Android WebView App.
– For Android, I recommend WebView Swift App.

Do you have a marketplace site, so I could buy any modules/plugins to add some features?

For the moment, we don’t have a marketplace. The reason is that we don’t have enough third-party developers that can provide additional modules/plugins.

As soon as we find more interested developers, we will create a great place to extend infinitely pH7CMS.

However, you can add easily new features by hiring a PHP developer (you can find some easily for a good price on Upwork or Freelancer.

Where you guys are based?

We are in one of the most amazing and beautiful cities in the world… Yes, in London, UK.
We believe London is the perfect place to work with people based in Europe, America, or Asia.

What PHP framework do you use?

We have built our own tailored MVC framework (pH7Framework) specifically for the needs of pH7CMS.
The framework has 52 main packages containing several different sub-packages.

Finally, pH7CMS uses a homemade template engine (pH7Tpl).The syntax is very similar to Smarty but the library is much lighter is highly optimized (the code is rewrite into optimized PHP code and use static cache as well).

Does it support for realtime notifications, without refreshing its page?

pH7CMS has some realtime notifications and ajax wall comments. However, most of the notifications aren’t based on AJAX or WebSockets (mainly for mobile and server performance reasons).
Finally, we believe that it wouldn’t give much more value to pH7CMS and not really necessary for what pH7CMS already offers.

Will my license still work if your company closed or if your server is down?

This is a great question, and the answer is YES.
It’s something very important and you have to know the answer (I know most businesses will never answer to that).

Your one-time license key that gives access to all premium features and all benefits will still be working even if we would shut down our service or if our server goes down.

Finally, unlike our competitors, the development of pH7CMS won’t stop even if our business stops. This is because pH7CMS is an open source project and the free basic version will still be improved by opensource contributors.

Do you offer custom development services?

Unfortunately not. Due to our current workload, we can’t take on custom development projects. If you are interested in custom development for your website, please contact your premium support (available for pH7CMS Pro holders) and you will a list of trusted developers.

Do you offer technical support?

We don’t offer technical support anymore (or any other kind of support).
We want to focus ONLY on β€œdeveloping the BEST & Highly-Secure software” rather than offering the BEST after-sales service and a POOR/outdated software.
If you have any issues with the software or want new features, the best will be to hire a PHP dev on UpWork (you have plenty of good developers for $10/hour).
Finally, please install the free version on your hosting before upgrading to the pro version in order to be sure everything is working well with your server configuration.

If you didn’t find your question in the above FAQ, you can contact us (please note that we won’t answer to your question if it is already in the FAQ).