How to translate my site to another language

pH7CMS uses gettext libraries and tools for internationalization.

You can make a translation to your own language using the global POT file (available here, in pH7-Internationalization repo).
You can also create a new translation from the 'global.po' file located in pH7CMS project "_protected/app/langs/en_US/LC_MESSAGES/global.po"

You will also have to translate "language.php" located in "_protected/app/langs/en_US/language.php" (replace "en_US" to your own language).
and edit "_protected/app/langs/en_US/config/config.ini" (like changing "lang = id" located in the beginning of the file).

The language folder name conforms to the ISO 639-2 (language code + _ + country code).
So, for instance, "German" language will be "de_DE", "Dutch" will be "nl_NL", "Italian" will be "it_IT", "Spanish" will be "es_ES", "Russian" will be "ru_RU", and so on.

pH7CMS is already translated into Spanish, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Indonesian and French. You can find those translations here.
How to install them and troubleshooting.

Finally, we recommend that you use PoEdit software. It allows to translate GetText files very easily. It is available on Windows, Linux and Mac OS.
You can also find paid solutions such as PhraseApp or Transifex.

Language Directory Structure
Example of where to upload the language folder

P.S. Terms and Privacy pages aren't translatable, because of their big size.
However, you can change the text of those pages easily through the Admin Panel -> File/Page -> Page Module.


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