pH7CMS 3 will get a new Versioning System

Currently, the way how pH7CMS is versioning might not always make sense. That’s why from pH7CMs 3 (to avoid confusions with the current versioning scheme). will be versioned according to the following format: MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH . I got the inspiration from the famous SemVer versioning system. SenVer is best for APIs. That’s why I changed a…

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Be the Best for your Dating Business! Be Smart & Read 80% Faster than the Average!

Best Social Dating Industry

Every business person needs to learn faster and faster to make their online social dating business the best (especially for the dating industry where the competition is one of the hardest), so you have to destroy your competitors and show you are the best and the smartest! To understand this, we need now a bit…

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How to always Enjoy your Life

Happy Life

Most people think that enjoy their life is very difficult (it was also the same for me before). However, if we simply live, this is a very easy thing to do. And this is very important for businesspeople, like you and me who have an online social/dating website/app. If you don’t like a place, a…

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13 Secret Tips to be Better, Smarter, more Effective and to Finally enjoy YOUR Life!!!

Be Better with simple tips

Hey everyone!!! Today is a great day especially for you but also for me, because I’m so happy to share with you the secrets that finally saved my life. If I have learnt (and found) that before, I would be so happy, but unfortunately I didn’t πŸ™ So, I am so exciting today to do it for…

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It’s a Social Dating Open Source Project!

Just to remind you that pH7CMS (the totally free version!) is after all an 100% open source project and any contributions are highly appreciated! You are a PHP/JS developer and using GitHub? Just fork pH7CMS project, do your modifs and create a PR. That’s it! πŸ™‚

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How to Install pH7CMS 1.3

Hi again guys! πŸ˜‰ Today, I just wanted to share with you a short video showing you how to install pH7 Social Dating CMS 1.3.* branch (the latest branch) easily thanks its step-by-step installer.

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Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Okay, as a European Dating Software Β Provider Company based very near from Dublin, just wanted to say a big “Happy St Patrick’s Day” guys!!! Enjoy your day, the amazing Irish parade and your Guinesses!!! By the way, again an idea about dating nice websites (like the Halloween dating nicheΒ and the Christmas dating niche),Β you can create…

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Get your 30% off before Tomorrow!

Happy New Year Eve

First of all, I wish you the best for the new year 2016 and have an amazing New Year’s Eve!! I’m sure, you deserve it πŸ™‚ I just wanted to write a small blog post today to remain you that you are still entitled to 30% off before tomorrow by using the promotional code “xmas”…

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Online Dating Startup Ideas

Hey all! Hope you are still OK today! Today I wanted to give my second “Christmas” gift (after the big first one). I know that for some people it is very, very difficult to know how to create the best online dating site, matchmaking business or to “get” the innovate and billion dollar idea. I…

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How to Remove promo image on Login page

Change image on the User Login Page

Some people asked me how they can remove the promo dating image located on the right side on the user login page. This is an example to show you how you can add an ad, etc. You can remove it or change it in the following in the code. Hope this will be useful! See…

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How to change the Chat/Chatroulette

Chat API

Hi everybody! Today I wanted to explain you how to change the default chat on your site. Indeed, as the chat in pH7CMS is an external service, it can’t suit everybody. You can change the chat by installing another chat on your Web hosting (e.g., PHPFreeChat which is free, available on Softaculous, 123FlashChat, Flashcoms, …)…

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How to Install pH7CMS through Softaculous in cPanel

pH7CMS on Softaculous

In this Quick but effective Tutorial Video, you will see how to install pH7CMS through Softaculous in cPanel (installed in almost all popular Web hosting companies). However, if you want to upgrade your site to pH7CMS Pro, and make it a real business and get the possibility to monetize it, get all premium exclusive modules…

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