Does pH7CMS have the Best Engine Ever Made…?

We all know that maintain a website cost a lot (especially for user website) and update, upgrade, server maintain too! However, you may know that unlike the competitors, pH7CMS is built on a 100% home-made engine and only less than 6% of the code used third-party libraries. Yes, we have made that difficult decision, because…

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Need a Professional SEO Blog to promote your Dating Service?

FirstSite, Create Professional Marketing Sites

Hi guys, Today I want to help you to market your Dating Site. In Marketing, most of the “smart” companies market nowadays their products on a blog (the result is currently the best). A Blog give the only opportunity to know your clients and create a closer bond between you and future customers. The blog…

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Get the Right Users and traffic for your App

AppNinja, marketing tool for your Android/iPhone App

Even if pH7CMS still doesn’t provide native iPhone and Android Apps. You may have already developed one by integrating it thanks the Rest class included in the pH7Framework of pH7CMS. You or your friend may have one, if you, I am really proud that HiZup has a little sister service called AppNinja. AppNinja, that I…

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