pH7Builder 15.1.6 Released

New Version Released

Yaaaaay! 🤗 Sooo happy today to announce the release of the social dating software, pH7Builder, v15.1.6 👏 This new release mainly fixes bugs related to the previous release, “v15.1.0“. Enjoy and all the best with your social dating community! 😍

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pH7Builder 15.1 Released 🚀

New Version Released

pH7 Social Dating Builder, v15.1, NOW Available!!! 😻 Hey YOU! 👋 How are you today…? 😊 This new version includes several improvements, a few bug fixes and a XSS security patch 🔥 You can see the complete full changelog from pH7Builder v15.0.0 to v15.1.0 here ➡️ 15.0.0…15.1.0 👈 Hope you will LOVE this brand new…

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😻 pH7Builder, v15.1.0 -> Release Candidate #2 🥇

pH7CMS. New Version Release Update

YAAAAY!!! pH7 Social Dating CMS Builder, v15.1.0, RC2** is NOW OUT for testing purposes! 🤗 TEST it, and GIVE your thoughts at All the BEST! 🍀 ENJOY your website! 😍

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🔥 pH7Builder v15: Dating Software MONSTER IS OUT🕷

ph7Builder, Social Dating CMS Released

Hi You! 👋 Hope you are doing great today! 🎉 Anyway, I have an excellent news to bring to you!!! 🎈 Yaaay!!! Indeed, pH7Builder v15 (formerly pH7CMS) has just been released! This new version has A LOT of changes!!! Really a lot!!! New modules added, new features, bug fixes, etc 🚀 Finally, it also brings…

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🥇 pH7Builder 14.9 RELEASED!!! Hurrah 🎉

Social Dating Web app builder software

Hi You! 👋 Hope you are doing great today! ☀️ Anyway, I have an amazing news for you! 😊 pH7 Social Dating Builder 14.9.0 has just been released!!! 😻 This new version fixes a few bugs, code improvements and improves the readability of the code (again and again to make it always better), and fixes…

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🏆 pH7Builder 14.8.8 is here!!! Yaaay!!! 🎸

pH7Builder; New Social Dating Release

Hi You! 👋 I hope you are doing great today! ☀️ Anyway, today I have a wonderful news to bring to you!!! 🎉 pH7 Social Dating Builder 14.8.8 has just been released!!! 🚀 This new version gives improvements, and few minor (CSS) fixes. The slideshow on the “classic” guest homepage has been fixed (there were…

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😍 pH7 Social Dating Builder 14.8 Released!!! 🤖

pH7Builder version

Hi You! 👋 How are you doing today…? 🙂 In my case, I’m doing fantastic! 👌 Indeed, I just released pH7 Social Dating CMS, 14.8.0!!! 🎉 What this new version offers? 🤔 Added markup (mainly on profile pages, blog and note posts). It will also improve your SEO 💪 (after the good work done…

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🦖 pH7 Social Dating Builder, 14.7 ➡️ NOW RELEASED! 🦕

pH7Builder, Social Dating Software

Hi all! 😊 How are you today? 🎉 Hooray 🚀 …So, today, I have again an amazing news for you! 🚀 Indeed, your favorite Community WebApp builder software, “pH7Builder 14.7” has just been released! This monster release got A LOT of improvements, code refactoring, cleanup, bug fixes, faster page loads (and tends to consume less…

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pH7Builder v14.3 Released! 🤗

Social Dating CMS Software Released

*pH7 Social Dating Builder, v14.3 has just been released. Many improvements and bug fixes have been done. Some issues that have been solved can be found here: Full Github Changelog: 14.0.0…14.3.0. P.S. 🚀 The VERY famous blog post “10 Exclusive Niche Ideas for Online Dating Web Apps has been updated to be accurate with…

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🍷 pH7Builder, v14 is HERE! 🍭

pH7 Social Dating Builder Software, release

Hi All! 😊 Today is a GREAT day! 🎉 Indeed, say H.E.L.L.O to the stable version of pH7Builder 14.0! 🍾 🍷 pH7 Social Dating Builder, v14 is a brand new version with many improvements and changes (and many minor bugs have been fixed too)! Along with several other improvements, a new date range option has…

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Say HELLO to pH7Builder14 Installer v4.0

Niche, Social or Dating community for your WebApp

Say Hello to the new pH7Builder 14’s installer 🚀 pH7Builder 14 offers a new exclusive experience during the software installation you never had before. The installer is also faster and the installer’s core code has been improved.

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🍰 pH7Builder 12.9.9 is HERE 🎂

New Release for Social Dating Software

Hi Everyone! 😸 Today, I’m very proud to announce pH7 Social Dating Builder, version 12.9.9! 😊 This new version improves some minor security things, cleans up several files for better readability and coding conventions, improves the payment module with better error messages and code refactoring, etc. The Profile Controller of the “user” module and “cool-profile-page”…

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