pH7 Social Dating CMS 1.2.7 Released! Xmas Time

pH7 Social Dating CMS for Christmas

pH7CMS 1.2.7 has just been released with new improvements in modules and in its kernel framework + several bugfixes, lot of minor improvements, much better translation, more banner blocks have been added and PayPal payment error fixed. This “special” Christmas version is relatively stable and will normally be the last one of this 2015 year…

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Do you really know the Webcam module?

Webcam module, selfie camera

The “webcam” module is integrated in all pH7CMS versions (except 1.2.0 Beta, for bug issue). However, it seems that most people don’t really know about it.  The Webcam module has just been updated in pH7CMS 1.2.1 and it is the occasion to speak about it. In order to see it, you should go to ‘‘…

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pH7CMS: The Monster is ready!!

pH7CMS 1.2 VIdeo Background

After months of hard work, pH7CMS 1.2 stable version is finally ready! (the release date is for this Thursday) In order to avoid confusion with the 1.2 beta which was already a good and stable version and has been released for now over three months, I deceived to release this under the version ‘1.2.1’ and…

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pH7CMS: First Dating Software Provider to accept Bitcoin!

pH7CMS Dating Provider Accepts BitCoin

People like to be anonymous on Dating sites and paying through Bitcoin is an excellent solution and will also increase easily the retention rate! That’s why, we are now so proud to announce that pH7CMS Pro will be the FIRST (N°1) “Online Dating Provider” to provide BitCoin as a payment gateway (alongside PayPal, Stripe and…

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pH7CMS 1.2: Why Google is going to LOVE It ❤️

Google in love

As you may know, nowadays, having a website optimized for mobile phones and SmartPhones is very important because most and most people use them. That’s why Google prefers websites optimized for them and we understand that (as our goal is to provide a software highly optimized for SEO.   pH7CMS 1.2 propose now by default…

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pH7CMS has a new installer in its 1.2 version

pH7CMS New Installer

Happy to tell you that pH7CMS 1.2 has a new installer. Again more easier to use, more explanation, etc.   P.S. For a better translation, we have deiced to remove Russian, Hungarian and Swahili. However, you can send us your translation based to the latest version of the default language PHP files.

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pH7CMS 1.2 will come with a Full Responsive Design

pH7CMS, software with responsive design

As you maybe know, we have stopped the development of the “mobile” module (for a while now) because it has become obsolete and it will be removed on the 1.2 (as you have probably seen on the announcement of the pH7CMS roadmap). We are currently working on a template 100% responsive and compatible on all…

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Hardworking for the next 1.2 branch – Overview of the Roadmap

pH7CMS 1.2 Roadmap

Hello, Today I wanted to share with you the new things we will change on pH7CMS 1.2. Here is the summary task which will be done (I took it from the Git roadmap): Change the menu bar, rewrite the design and do it responsive. Decrease the number of games. Keep only 3 per category. Currently,…

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How to optimize the payment process for a dating site?

Optimizing the payment process

Hello everybody! You may already have had this kind of issue if you already have an online dating service, if not you’ll encounter this problem one day. However, we do not want you to worry about that. Your job is the strategy of your dating company, not technical problems! If you start or already have a…

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pH7CMs 1.15, the most stable version ever!

Hi all, Again, I have a really exiting news for you. pH7CMs 1.15 schedule for next Tuesday is the most stable version I have ever made. Of course, I am still working hard for improving my baby to the next versions, but the 1.15 version will make the deference by its stability and its few…

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Adult Disclaimer for “Adult” dating sites

Adult Disclaimer

As we have already done for the cookie warning bar about the use of cookies. Well, by continuing to help webmasters and let them save time and money, we have also decided to add an option to activate a “warning message” for adult sites and so protect minors. In many countries, this kind of disclaimer for adult…

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pH7CMS will soon be able to graft any addons!

Graft any Addons

You already know that pH7CMS can have an unlimited number of module, but not yet accepted grafting addons (except with hacks). Well, soon we will add the ability to do that properly and allow completely change the behaviour of pH7CMS’s core by simply adding addons. You’ll see, it will be simply stunning!

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