Happy Christmas + Trick for your Dating Site!

Christmas Tree

First all, I wish y’all a Great Christmas and a Happy New Year! I sincerely hope All the Best for You and of course for your Dating Business! Now, turn to “that” trick I’ll give you 😉 What is it your thought … 🙂 I fact, it is a niche idea! I suggest focusing your Dating Site…

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How to Make 40K+ per Month with a Dating Site?

How to Make Easy Mone

Hey everybody! I hope you’re well. Everyone knows that a dating site can make a lot of money. However, the most complicated thing is the best way to do that. Most dating sites are not attractive and have a (very) difficult navigation. Remember! Any website should be built with a navigation that even a kid…

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We’re back after attack!

First off, please accept our apologies. Indeed, our website was down for one day , because we have our website has been victim of an attack. We don’t understand why someone has done that (it’s not the first time). We generously offered quality dating software for free and people always want to sabotage our work.…

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Happy Black Friday!!

black Friday, discount

For the Black Friday, we offer 60% off on all “One-Time Premium” version with the BLACKFRIDAY coupon. You are also entitled to 20% off (recurring, for lifetime) on the “Premium Monthly License” by using the HAPPYFRIDAY coupon. To get the discount, just enter the above coupon on the order form. That’s it! – Please note…

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pH7CMS 1.1.8 Released – Important Version!

Today I am pleased to announce that pH7CMS 1.1.8 is released. This version is again more and more stable. You can also see a brief summary about pH7CMS 1.1.8 The version also included an important security fix. This vulnerability is present in all previous versions of pH7CMS. For security reason, we won’t give more information…

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How to optimize the payment process for a dating site?

Optimizing the payment process

Hello everybody! You may already have had this kind of issue if you already have an online dating service, if not you’ll encounter this problem one day. However, we do not want you to worry about that. Your job is the strategy of your dating company, not technical problems! If you start or already have a…

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Already very exciting to use PHP 5.6

Hey guys! Today, I write this post just to express my motivation to use the latest features offered by PHP 5.6 on pH7CMS. Unfortunately, currently most host still use PHP5.3/5.4 so I have to way, otherwise most people will not get the opportunity to use pH7CMS, and that will be really sad for them. As you may…

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Going to release pH7CMS 1.1.8

Good news guys! 😉 Before Christmas 🎄, I’m releasing the last version of the “1.1” branch. Indeed, in spring 2015, I’m inaugurate the first release of your favourite dating software, “branch 1.2” (1.2.0) ! The 1.1.8 version will include minor bug fixes, some code optimizations, incorporation of the new pH7CMS domain name  and SEO optimization,…

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Software.HiZup.com becomes pH7CMS.com

Hi everybody! Good news! pH7CMS has now its own domain name. So, it has moved from http://Software.HiZup.com to http://pH7CMS.com Easier to remember and even faster to type in your URL bar 😉 I hope you’ll love it! 🙂  

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How to report bugs

Currently, the best way to report bugs or issues about pH7CMS, it’s to open a new issue to the pH7CMS’s GitHub repot and tell us with as much detail as possible the problem you encounter. It will be very helpful for us if you can also attached a screenshot on the problem or a piece…

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Happy Halloween guys!

Halloween Dating Niche

Hi all! In know that you will ask me why I will wish you “Have a happy Halloween” on a “dating software” website. In fact, I am here just here to tell you something really different with a big importance for your dating business. Did you know that you can make a dating site especially…

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pH7CMS 1.15 released!

Hi everyone! Today, you will certainly be very happy (at work, with your colleagues, friends, family, …) and the day will seems totally wonderful. You’re probably wondering why (and people close to you will ask you very soon too!). In reality, it’s very simple! The reason is that the latest version of pH7CMS is released.…

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