How to report bugs

Currently, the best way to report bugs or issues about pH7CMS, it’s to open a new issue to the pH7CMS’s GitHub repot and tell us with as much detail as possible the problem you encounter. It will be very helpful for us if you can also attached a screenshot on the problem or a piece…

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Happy Halloween guys!

Halloween Dating Niche

Hi all! In know that you will ask me why I will wish you “Have a happy Halloween” on a “dating software” website. In fact, I am here just here to tell you something really different with a big importance for your dating business. Did you know that you can make a dating site especially…

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pH7CMS 1.15 released!

Hi everyone! Today, you will certainly be very happy (at work, with your colleagues, friends, family, …) and the day will seems totally wonderful. You’re probably wondering why (and people close to you will ask you very soon too!). In reality, it’s very simple! The reason is that the latest version of pH7CMS is released.…

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pH7CMs 1.15, the most stable version ever!

Hi all, Again, I have a really exiting news for you. pH7CMs 1.15 schedule for next Tuesday is the most stable version I have ever made. Of course, I am still working hard for improving my baby to the next versions, but the 1.15 version will make the deference by its stability and its few…

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What is the Best Dating Software Provider?

This is a very big question, isn’t it? Most people always want to find “the best”, but it is not always a good idea to think like that. The problem is that people don’t think that there’s not “the best” for all dating niches. Yes, you’re correctly read! Because in all software you always have…

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pH7CMS 1.15 almost finished

Hey everyone, today I’m very happy because the development of our baby “pH7CMS” 1.15 is almost finished. This new version will include some new features and a lot of improvement and bug fixes. To have an idea, you can check on the older posts to know a little about the new features. Currently we’re doing…

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pH7CMS license now available through Monthly Payment!

Hello everyone! Today, I am very pleased to announce you the release of the pH7CMS Monthly License! This license is much more affordable, as it cost only £12.85 and offers exactly the same services as the permanent license! To celebrate that, we are offering for a very short period a discount of 29.90% off and…

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New version of the advertising plugin released!

We have improved a lot the advertising plugin to provide a better usage. For example, now you have a better statistic of the clicks and view of the banners and you can easily choose/change the size of it. This new feature will be integrate in pH7CMS 1.15 (the next version!).

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Adult Disclaimer for “Adult” dating sites

Adult Disclaimer

As we have already done for the cookie warning bar about the use of cookies. Well, by continuing to help webmasters and let them save time and money, we have also decided to add an option to activate a “warning message” for adult sites and so protect minors. In many countries, this kind of disclaimer for adult…

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pH7CMS will soon be able to graft any addons!

Graft any Addons

You already know that pH7CMS can have an unlimited number of module, but not yet accepted grafting addons (except with hacks). Well, soon we will add the ability to do that properly and allow completely change the behaviour of pH7CMS’s core by simply adding addons. You’ll see, it will be simply stunning!

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pH7CMS 1.15 will offer an option to comply with European laws

Web Cookies

If you are European, you probably know that in Europe there are many tiresome laws which doesn’t exist elsewhere. However, we are concerned about this and we don’t want to give more work to people living in one of the European Union countries. So be it, the next version of pH7CMS (1.15) will provide a…

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Our site is now revamped

You have certainly seen that on our Facebook, Now our site is revamped! We hope that you will love this new version!   Hope you’re gonna like it 😉 Enjoy!

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