Every business person needs to learn faster and faster to make their online social dating business the best (especially for the dating industry where the competition is one of the hardest), so you have to destroy your competitors and show you are the best and the smartest!

To understand this, we need now a bit of theory πŸ™‚

Everybody reads like a 12 years old child. However, this is wrong!! Not you, but the school education! So I will learn you how to remove it and to be a real adult.

The only way to read correctly and in the fastest way is to read without subvocalization.

After this, you should take some groups of word (5 or 6 is good) and read it as a word. You have also to be very relax.

In general, when we are under stress or pressure, we have only the central vision (it is a human automation), whereas when we are pleased, we get the peripheral vision. So, as you can understand, it is very important to be relaxed in order to read faster. Usually, when you read we have the central vision and can see only a few words, but to read faster we have to get the peripheral vision.

It’s work like the zoom of your camera, the peripheral vision allows you to see the whole view, but without details, whereas central vision is the zoom of the camera and lets you see only a detail of the view but with a lot of details.

Now that you are relaxed, you have to take a small distance in order to use your peripheral vision (30 cm of your book or screen to view the whole text and not a word as usual).

After to try it during 5 hours per day during one month.

Normally at that time, your bread will automatically translate the meaning of this. You will see, it’s very amazing and thanks my tips, you’ll be better than everyone πŸ˜‰


Good luck! πŸ˜‰

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