👉 pH7Builder 16.1.0 BETA 🎉

New Version Released

Say hello to “pH7Builder 16.1.0!” 😍, which is skyping 16.0.2 because the changes will be more important than expected! 🥳

✅ Fix incorrect sitemap URLs
✅ Added the pH7Builder’s Premium theme as part of the default themes #869
✅ Minor enhancements

🏆 As always, feel free to review this beta version and report any bugs on GitHub 💪

ENJOY your social dating web app software! 🤗

Have a great day! 🤩https://github.com/pH7Software/pH7-Social-Dating-CMS/releases/tag/16.1.0-beta.1

P.S. Download pH7 Social Dating CMS, Here 😉