Be Better with simple tips

13 Secret Tips to be Better, Smarter, more Effective and to Finally enjoy YOUR Life!!!

Hey everyone!!! Today is a great day especially for you but also for me, because I’m so happy to share with you the secrets that finally saved my life. If I have learnt (and found) that before, I would be so happy, but unfortunately I didn’t 🙁 So, I am so exciting today to do it for…

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pH7CMS 2.0.8 Released

Hi guys! Today I’m glad to announce the release of pH7CMS 2.0.8. Second version of the 2.* branch! It’s mainly a maintenance version and fix a few bugs found in pH7CMS 2.0.4. Brief Changelog Version 2.0.4 added required=”required” HTML attribute but won’t work with CKEditor, so check if PFBC Element class is called by CKEditor…

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pH7CMS 2, Social Dating Builder Released

pH7CMS 2.0 is NOW Available!

Hi guys! Hope yoi still enjou the summer and still doing well 😉 🎉 Today, I’m very proud to say “HELLO” to pH7CMS 2.0! 🍾 Hurrah!! This new version called H2O (successor of “p[H]”) got lot and lot of improvements and new features. You can find a brief summary on the pH7CMS 2 Preview post.…

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pH7CMS 2.0 A release for very soon…?

Hey guys! Hope you are still doing well and still enjoy well your pH7 Social Dating CMS 1.*! If you are not a user yet… Just grab it for free today 😉 Before you continue to discover pH7CMS 2.0, “H2O”, go nominate pH7CMS to the iDate Awards 2017 (if not done yet 😉 ). Normally,…

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iDate Awards pH7CMS

Nominate pH7CMS to iDate Awards 2017

Hi again guys! Again me, just two days after my blog post concerning the very stable and mature version, pH7CMS 1.4.2. So TODAY I really need your HELP! 😉 … Yes, just for once! (I promesse 🙂 ) So if you like what we do, PLEASE nominate pH7CMS for the iDate Awards 2017 (this will…

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pH7CMS 1.4.2 is out!

Hi guys! Hope you are still doing well! Today, I bring again a great news to you! YESSSS, “pH7 Social Dating CMS” 1.4.2 is released and brings some very good improvements for YOU! Below are the done tasks from the sprint backlog pH7CMS is now compatible with MySQL Strict Mode. From MySQL 5.7, the Strict…

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Online Dating Startup

Social Dating Startup, Step-by-Step

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The Exclusive Social Dating Business Kit

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pH7CMS -> the best powerful tool for Dating Business

Hey all! Just wanted to write some words to you today. I believe pH7CMS will defenetly helps your social business to growing up faster, and saving time and money. Since December, we work on “two/three-weeks” sprint release. In just 6 months, we already released 10 minor/major versions and pH7CMS had never been so great than…

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It’s a Social Dating Open Source Project!

Just to remind you that pH7CMS Basic (the totally free version!) is after all an 100% open source project and any contributions are highly appreciated! You are a PHP/JS developer and using GitHub? Just fork pH7CMS project, do your modifs and create a PR. That’s it! 🙂

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