Better not to enable “connect” module

Disabled by default for already a few months, the “connect” module isn’t working properly for a few months since Facebook and Google changed their APIs and the code isn’t working with the new API versions anymore.

It will take like a day to fix it and not many people use the Universal Authentication (connect module) and after sending a survey email it appears that not so many folks need that feature so I don’t plan to update it right now (and Facebook, Google and Twitter might again update their API soon and will break again the module). Instead, I prefer to spend my time on things that pH7CMS really needs and that can really help users to create the BEST social dating service (after all, social authentication won’t change a lot). 

So please keep the “connect” module disabled (Admin Panel -> Mods -> Enable/Disable Modules).

Thanks for your understanding 🙂

P.S. And if you are a PHP dev, you can still fork the GitHub repo, fix it, then create a PR and get the Enterprise pH7CMS license for free (worth $1,200).

Hope this helps! 😉